Edwards Creek Valley (ECV) is a playa in a hydrologically closed basin in north central Nevada containing 1,243 contiguous claims totalling 22,200 acres.

The Company believes ECV, located about 120 miles east of Reno, Nevada, has the potential to host a large lithium brine deposit based on geophysical studies done on the Property to date.  A large gravity low was discovered during a recent gravity geophysical program at the ECV and it is believed this low may have potential to host brine deposits similar in characteristics to those located in Clayton Valley, Nevada, subject to exploration success.

Edwards Creek also exhibits the geologic attributes that could potentially enhance the occurrence of lithium mineralization.

All the conditions known to accumulate lithium brines are met within the Edwards Creek Valley:

  • Hydrologically closed basin with a playa
  • Tectonically driven basin development
  • Associated geothermal activity
  • Surrounding felsic rhyolite potential source rocks
  • One or more adequate aquifers
  • Sufficient geologic time to concentrate a brine

There is direct highway access, power, and the property is located near the towns of Fallon and Austin.  

Edwards Creek Valley relative to Tesla Gigafactory and Ameriwest holdings at Clayton and Railway valleys. Click to Enlarge
Edwards Creek Valley relative to Fallon, NV. Click to Enlarge
Ameriwest Lithium Edwards Creek Valley Claim Area.
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The adjacent Smith Creek Valley has been explored with results of up to 470 ppm lithium in surface sampling of the salt flats surrounding hot springs. Smith Creek Valley is located at the front of its mountain range that is shared with ECV (Source:  The Nevada Mineral Industry, Nevada Bureau of Mines, Special Publication MI-2017). 

The Smith Creek Valley Project is being advanced by Iconic Minerals Limited.  Furthermore, ECV is surrounded by felsic tuffs that could be potential source rocks for lithium, like found on the periphery of Clayton Valley.

Note that the vicinity or similarity of ECV to properties located in Clayton Valley or Smith Creek Valley does not guarantee that mineral resources or reserves will be defined at ECV.


Edwards Creek Valley Geology Map. Click to Enlarge


Ameriwest retained Tom Carpenter, consulting geophysicist, to conduct a Phase 1 gravity study of its ECV claims.  Field work was completed from November 11, 2021. through November 19, 2021.  Results from this gravity survey indicated a large geophysical low on Ameriwest’s claim block, extending to the northeast off the claim block.  Ameriwest has subsequently staked an additional 414 claims (bringing total number to 1,243 coniguous claims) to ensure the gravity low anomaly is effectively captured within the Company’s expanded claim block.  The gravity low is interpreted to be a large depression, filled with sediments, which is part of a closed valley that has potential to host a large lithium brine deposit. 

Ameriwest has initiated a Phase 2 Magnetotelluric (“MT”) geophysical study on the Property.  The survey was to consist of four profiles for a total of 22.4 km of MT lines. However, due to inclement weather, only one of the four profiles was able to be completed in 2021. However, that single MT line did show a resistivity low at a depth of about 400 m to 1,000 m below surface. The resistivity low indicates the potential for the valley to host a brine deposit, with lithium content still to be determined.

Edwards Creek Bouguer Gravity Map. Click to Enlarge

Based on the large gravity low identified in the northeast section of the claim block in Phase 1 and the preliminary results from the single MT line in Phase 2, Ameriwest has expanded the Phase 2 study to include two additional MT lines to the northeast of the four initially planned lines to cover the newly expanded claims.  This work is scheduled for early 2022, dependent on weather and ground conditions in the valley.

Geological similarities between ECV and Clayton Valley does not guarantee exploration success at ECV or that mineral resources or reserves will be delineated on the Property.  No mineral resources or reserves have yet been defined on the ECV Property.